Rental Conditions

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Rental Conditions
1) The tenant is in possession of the tenant, provided that the tenant is in compliance with the specified conditions. The tenant agrees that the tenant will return the same in the same place on the written day and hour. He may extend the lease term 24 hours notice, with the consent of the lessee and with the addition of the necessary amount to the rent deposit. 1-2 days per day, 200 km per day. There is a limit. If requested, you can pay 25% more per day for unlimited miles. 1-2 day car can be rented as well.

2) The lessee agrees and undertakes not to use the vehicle in the following circumstances. T.C. Moving by law, crime of any kind considered as a crime and other illegal works,
A. By pulling or pushing another vehicle or trailer,
B. Race, speed rally, rally, experiments, motor sports,
C. In normal traffic off roads,
D. Passengers above the number of passengers identified by the traffic rules and carrying baggage and explosive flammable materials in whatever way,
to. Under the influence of alcohol and drugs,
F. Regardless of the form of payment, passengers and goods are in transit.

3) At the time of issuing the contract, the tenant must be present at least two years of valid driving license.

4) Tenant: The vehicle can not be used by third parties without the consent of the lessor. In this case, the tenant shall be obliged to register the third party's identity, address and driver's license in the contract and to ensure that the person authorized to use the leased vehicle fully complies with all the terms of this contract.
Persons who use the tool, even if there is no signing of the contract, are responsible for the tenant together with mutual.

5) Tenant: The tenant declares that the residence address stated in this contract is correct and that any change in this address will be notified in writing to the charter immediately, otherwise the administration to be made to the written address in the contract will be considered valid and the appeal will not be objected.

6) Tenant: In addition to cruising, the vehicle is obliged to park the vehicle in a safe place, closed and locked, in a manner that is appropriate and safe for traffic rules.

7) Tenant: At the time of delivery of the vehicle to the charterer, the official documents of the vehicle (Traffic Document, Registration Certificate, Insurance, Records) can not be returned and they will be obliged to pay the rent for the period to be provided.

8) Vehicle: Caused by the tenant In case of any incident, if the vehicle is confiscated or confiscated by the competent authorities, the tenant is liable for any expenses incurred for the taking-back of the vehicle and for the days to pass. In the event that the vehicle is not returned, the rented vehicle is paid by the lessee in cash and paid in advance.

9) Traffic fines and damages that will occur during the removal of the vehicle belong to the tenant, and if the vehicle is detained in traffic, this period is included in the rental period.

10) Tenant: shall not be liable for any accident or damage caused by mechanical or manufacturing damages of the vehicle and its spare parts due to not producing the vehicle.

11) Vehicles can not be taken abroad without the written consent of the Lessor.

12) The tenant can not assign any rights or delegate and derogate from this contract any rights within the vehicle. They can not use them in a way that would damage the rentals.

13) In all cases, the tenant and the lessor must show each other the necessary facilities for each other in respect of the compensatory rights they have in respect of third parties, and to proxy each other at the right rate and to assign the rights of the lawsuits.

14) Tenant: The tenant agrees in advance that the personal information mentioned in the lease contract should be stored in the personal file of the tenant and that the name of the tenant should be included in the warning list in case of contravention of the contract, such as timely payment of the rent, delivery of the vehicle on time.

15) Lessor: If the tenant fails to comply with any of the conditions specified, he may immediately withdraw the vehicle, save the lease paid in advance, without resorting to any measures or recourse to the accident.

16) Lessor: He can terminate the contract at any time without showing a reason and pay compensation, as well as avoiding extending it.

17) Gas fee belongs to the customer.

18) Tenant: Periodically maintenance of the vehicle (such as oil change, etc.) within the term of the lease shall be made free of charge by applying to the nearest branch of the lessor. Where this is not possible, the costs to be paid at the authorized service station will be refunded to the lessee for the invoice.

19) Repair: Repair, spare parts and tire replacement costs for normal use and obsolescence